How To Stay Caffeeinated In This Quarantine?

Its been more than three weeks we have been in self isolation. Most of our morning routine would be heading to the coffee shop and grabbing your favorite cup of coffee. As the lockdown increases, going to the coffee shop might not be possible as of now. So, how can we stay ourselves caffeinated in our daily isolation life.
Today I am going to give you some ideas on it.

Allright, let me directly start with the term called “HOME BREW” method. No, I am not talking about talking about alcohol right now :D. Home Brew basically means making coffee in your home by using some alternative equipments.
Now I understand this might scare you or might let you drive through Google on ‘what’ and ‘how’ to start Home Brew. There are many methods of alternative brewing which you can choose to brew in your home. You don’t need to panic at all .

Let me give you some ideas on few of the alternative brewing equipments which you can purchase or you might already have it. The best and less expensive equipments would be French Press, Pourover, Moka Pot, Aeropress.
These are the best alternative brewing equipments we can find.


There are few local coffee shops which are still open and selling merch as well . Purchasae from them or you can order online (available on e-commerce website)


Well there are lot videos on youtube and other social media where you can find the step by step brewing process of these coffees.


Not at All. Hope y’all know the difference between the instant coffee and brewed coffee. These are the brewed coffee equipments and proper coffee beans is needed. For the Coffee Beans , Please support local roastery and coffee shops near your area.You will not only enjoy their coffee but also will support them and this will give them a big hop in this pandemic period.

For more details on coffee shops and local pickups you can always approach us and we can help you out with the stores name.

Let’s support the Nepali Coffee Community .

– The Baristas Coffee School